Much has changed over the years in how Los Angeles portraits are taken.Once upon a time the only option was to go with the contracted photographer and either have the photo taken in school or go to their studio.Now many schools recommend their own photographer but allow you to go to choose any studio you may want.  Some even choose to shoot the photos themselves.


Even though you have more freedom than you did in the past there will be some restrictions, such as dress codes, image size, and posing.Be sure to get all of the particulars before you venture out on your own.There will be many options available to you locally as many of the professional portrait studios will specialize in Los Angeles portraits as well.

Before you decide to on a Los Angeles portrait studio its important to know what you are looking for. Some people will try to include an object that represents them such as a car or basketball, or guitar.Others will choose natural or dramatic backdrops.When choosing a Los Angeles portrait studio it’s important to review their portfolio and see if the options they can offer you match your tastes.Some things to remember many are starting to express their individuality and may want to choose more dramatic or unconventional clothes. A good pointer is to remember that the photo will out last the latest fashions and trends.There have been many people who look at their photos and wince at the silly fashions that seemed so cutting edge at the time.A rule of thumb is to stick with a more conservative look, if you want to be more edgy in the photo remember it may take it good sense of humor for you to show it to anyone in 20 years.

Portrait Studio Tips:

Smile, and remember to practice your smile before hand, this will make you more relaxed.Focus on posture, you shouldn’t stop it can make you look tired or even sad.Relax, and have fun.Don’t take the studio session to seriously; nerves really come across in photos.Choose a pose that shows off your best angle.

A professional studio photographer will know best how to photograph you.One day when high school seems like a distant memory you’ll look at your school portrait and all of them memories will come flooding back.

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